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My FREE RANDOM map maker for bzflag (WIN98, WINME or WINXP)


My FREE BZmap checker for bzflag (WIN98, WINME or WINXP)



My Worlds..Free to run on a BZ server

Airport 2003: Die VERY Hard -FFA

The Black Forest1 -FFA or Forest2 -CTF RBGP

Castle Kreigspiel -FFA

Golden Gate Bridge -FFA *ran for 3+ weeks in Netherlends

Jungle Fighter -FFA or JunCTF -CTF RvsB* 6 players MAX

Battle for Seattle -FFA *6 players max

Space Station -CTF RvsB *6 players max

The Terrorist -FFA *6 players MAX

Mayan City of Tikal -FFA *ran for 3+ weeks in Spain

Ultimate Urban Combat -FFA *6 players MAX * My best map

Double-Y -FFA and -CTF RBGP map

Do a smooth Cylinder in Bzflag

Donkeylab -FFA and -CTF RBGP map

R Squared -FFA map

Ancient Cohokia -FFA and -CTF RBGP map

Pillars of Bzee -FFA & CTF RGBP map

Alting -FFA map

Freedomlives -FFA map

Rhodesia -FFA map

Nojump -FFA map a 2.X map

Bootleg: CTF RBGP map

Bandersnatchii: FFA map

Glass Menagerie/Mish Mash : FFA map a 2.X map


My Callsigns and other stuff:Here
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