How to test a map at home

This is for WIN95, WIN98 and WINME  and WINXP ONLY as far as I know.

Make sure EVERYTHING is in your bzflag directory

use a plain text editor and make a BATCH file I kinda name it what the world map is that I am using. such as: urban.bat for my "ultimate urban combat map" -------------------------------------------------------------------------- in that BATCH file put this so you can go in and test it before you release it:


bzfs -j -ms 10 -worldfile urban.bzw OR "this will allow you to go into the game move around JUMP and SHOOT multi shots to make sure everything works. if you use another system other then windows you can probably type this all out on the command line, but i dont know for LINUX or MAC....etc.... ------------------------------------------------------------------------- NOW DO THIS: start the BATCH file "urban.bat" then: turn on your regular bzflag.exe pick red,blue,green, or purple team put in your alias (1.9 server or before) for the server put: for the port put: 5155 or 5156? --------------------------------- (for 2.0 servers) for the server put: for the port put: 5154 then hit connect...and off you go ----------------------------------------------------------


to test your map with robots do this bzflag.exe -solo (#)of robots) your name@servername put in your name in name slot, then put server address( it will start 1 session of bzflag WITH you and your robots...then go ahead and test your map.... full example...
bzflag.exe -solo 10 bubba@
you dont need to start a second session you'll be playing in the one with robots.. you'll be the person without a number after your name. if you have problems with this and something does not me...

Firing directions when looking NORTH on a map

90 degrees . . . 180 ......... 0 Degrees . . . . 270 degrees

lets give credit to spaceman spiff for showing me how to selftest...and for showing me robots...