My CC2 Worlds

Looking accross the Grumptenien Islands
on my World of Katofrakte

My Katofrakte World
My Kya-Teraa World
My P'Bank World
My Esrever World
My Wilawossa World
My Alahas World
My Oodane World
My Chutpaye World
My Ridlin World
My Lamtrenda World
My Kramxel World

World info for:


Where these worlds are located in the Universe


City Pack's for Wilawossa or Updates

City Pack 1
City Pack 2
City Pack 3

Gnohgnok city update

CC2 Symbol Libraries I made

Some simple Modern Citys
Some simple Modern Ships
Primitive Villages
Some simple Swamp Symbols
Simple Modern towns & villages

To use these CC2 files

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some very good reading for making RPG's Standard RPG's Modern RPG's

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