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The Black Company
The Black Company Chronicles and all related material are Copyright(c) 2003 to Glen Cook and whomever he has legal arraingments with. Nothing I have here belongs to me, other then I made some renditions(with permission). No money or credit to me is given. All Credit to Glen Cook for an Excellent Series of books.
Middle Earth
THE TOLKIENION website is operated and maintained by Steven White Junior. This website is a private fan site and does not produce any revenues or profits out for the sale of Middle Earth Products. All material on the TOLKIENION website has been placed in good faith that no copyright or infringement laws are violated through this. All material has been taken from various other websites on the Internet, has been produced by myself, or was sent to me by others. I do not hold any copyrights to any material for Middle Earth. All rights to the intellectual property expressed in any artist's works displayed on this website are held by the executors of the estate of the late J.R.R. Tolkien. All sites that are accessible through links on any page here are operated and maintained by their respective owner, publisher, or developer of the respective site. Although all links provided on pages of this site are checked periodically, no guarantee for the accuracy of the linked sites is given. I take no responsibility for the content of any linked site on the this website. Please notify me if any linked site contains indecent, unlawful, defamatory or harassing contents through the website contact form. All others: ($)(+) is Copyrighted © 2001, 2002, 2003 by Ursula K. Le Guin (tm) Copyrighted(c) by their Respective companies (*) is Copyrighted(c) by Dtsdesign All other items are our creations or renditions or derivatives, permissons were granted, and free for personal use, alteration for clarification or fun. The remaining material is Copyrighted(c) 2003 by Dtsdesign all rights reserved.
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