The Greatest man I have ever known

How I am related to my Grandpa:

GGGGrandpa: John Eicher (probably)
GGGrandpa: Jacob Eicher
GGrandpa: Joseph Eicher
Grandpa: Jacob Eicher
my mom: B.J.Wallis
me: C.W.wallis
Eicher-Mckay Crossroads Newsletter

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A Little Poem By My Grandpas Brother

There is a little something
That strengthens me within.
It's the simple little tonic,
Of the whistling of a hymn.
A mother worried for her child
Who was away at school.
She prayed he would not let the world
And all it offered, rule.
She wondered if the truth he knew
Would keep him safe within.
Shed tears of joy when home he came,
Just whistling a hymn.
Two brothers working side by side,
The world their spirits measuring,
Could scarcely realize the worth
Of what they both were treasuring.
But trials came, as oft they do,
and when they would begin,
Would be cut short and turned to joy,
By the whistling of a hymn.
So don't discount the little things,
That come in unknown ways.
It could be that the little things
Would brighten someone's day.
When nothing else has reached my heart,
All failed my joy to win,
It's been the simple tonic of
The whistling of a hymn!

Henry Eicher
date unknown

A little Song by me

sung to the tune of bringing in the sheaves the chorus part...

waiting for the Lord waiting for the Lord
we are rejocing waiting for the Lord

walking with the Lord walking with the Lord
you can find redemption walking with the Lord

Listening to the Lord Listening to the Lord
You'll recieve instruction Listening to the Lord

Praying for the Saints Praying for the Saints
We can build The Church by Praying for the Saints.

    written by cruzan wallis 2005
Famous Family Connections
my GGrandma Eicher took care of a Libby Heiress
Mrs Gill while she lived with her. Mrs Gill
was the daughter of the Libby Veggie Co
Founder and Owner...

"libby libby libby on the label label label"
"you will like it like it like it on your"
"table table table...."


My cousin Dee Meyer married the great niece of
Charles Goodnight, the inventor of
the old time chuck wagon, and the
man who made the goodnight "cattle" trail...


"Your name is mudd..." comes from
my Grandma Wallis side. Dr. Mudd
was the man that had john wilkes
booth as a medical client a few
days/weeks before Lincoln was shot
he got in lots of trouble for it...hence
one of the terms for trouble was...
"Your name is mudd"....


My Cousin Jarred was the computer
graphics person for the TV show
"dawsons creek"....

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