Name: Geist
Nation: Arben
Population: 2,560,000
Language: Arbish
The Republic or Arben was once a
wealthy and powerful nation but now
is fallen after a cruel and bloody civil war, the great gap betwix rich and poor
started this 20 years war.  It was between
Arben's, brother or sister, it did not matter. Now Arben is just a show of it's former self.
Arben joined the Katofrakte alliance
in 3445AK and had hopes that they would recieve help in rebuilding thier nation.
Geist Bio:
Born 3481AK
age: 190m
as the son of a former General in the Arben armed forces he tried to keep the family traditions alive and joined the
Katofrakte alliance. As of late he has
quickly risen in the ranks there.
he longs for adventure and Honor.
Quote: "Just be friends OKay?"