Name: Grao-sin
Occupation: Leader of The Graod Islands, "Grao" as he' is known everywhere is an extremely friendly individual and is constantly making visits to his island home and neighboring island groups, known
as the "Peace maker", he has
greatly disapproved of Katofrakte
Military Imperialism.
Grao makes great strides to
expand economic connections and cultural learning centers through out  known Space. 

Country: Graod
Population: 15,004
Language: Gratis
Government: Tribal
in 1504AK a ship bearing
passangers to the Far West capsized and sank, the survivors were never found
in late 1990AK a trading ship cam upon the small island group of Graod,
and there they found the desendence
of the Groad crew, many Graods
were taken as conscripted ship hands at that time, till the population almost went extinct. Over the Last 2 decades a Few
Graod's have finally come home.
The economy of this people is now
largely based on tourism and is considered "paradise of the S.W.