Country: Grumptinien
Population: 1,000,000
Langauge: Forster
Government: Parlimentary Monarchy
One of the first colonies off of the 
Katofrkate mainland the island group
is the far southwest was stumbled on when Fory the great proved the world was round by going West to come in from the East, it was in 120BK that
Grumptinien was founded, a harsh
unknown tropical environment made
the colony a hard place to live a first
and was somewhat cutoff from the rest of the world for a few years, a new influx of settles came over after the Katofrakte alliance was established much needed goods supplies and people
arrived in 20AK. a extremely sturdy people resulted, front line Katofrkate
911 forces are 60% Grumptinien. 

Name: Forestgrump
age: 789m
Forestgrump is the leader of a hardy people always willing and able to
go where noone else will go, to be able to say "Us First", Forestgrump himself
commanded our first Katofrakean
Space Vessel "K.S.V Fory" he
helped put up the first colony offplanet
"Fory 32-A", Forestgrump is
commander of Katofrkate 911 forces
and leads the assult always.
Motto: "Us First, You second" 
Also of note is the Largest Chocolate Factory and Bakery in the Known Universe located in Grump's Capital.
its a mile wide,high,thick and deep
building located in the central shopping area.