Country: Opeleos
Language: Opelian
Government: Monarchy

Clan Opeleos conquered Opeleos with
Katofrakte intervention during a civil war, Premier Sid6.7 invaded from the sea and air, while forces under then "Baron Opel" attacked by land, many
lives were lost but fortunatly the
loss of life were troops under the devisive
and evil King Lepo.
"We are the best, We are the rest
of the best fighters of Katofrakte,
Heil to Katofreaky Heil to Katofreaky" 

King Opel
Opel has 2 wives as people of his nation
believe in Polgyamy.
Pam Andersohn
Juls Robertos
after intial meeting it was found that in translation classes Katofrakte
Ambassadores to Opeleos made a 
mistake in pronunciation and henceforth
since, Opelians Pronunce
"Katofrakte as Katofreaky"