The Boond Provinces

Capital: Nukburg
Colors: Multicolors
Population: 747,000
GDP: 5.1 million
Language: Boond
Imports: Gold, Iron, Gems
Exports: Glass, Spices, Obin 
         and a little Boc
Large Citys: Vuzburg, Awawald,
         Tifburg, Ikooont
Troops: N/A explained below

NOTES: Boond land of the Boonts, a smallish race one of the most pleasent on Kramxel, here they engage in agriculture rather then war great traders come to Nukburg its a great commerce center for central Kramxel, Governed by a kindly and jovial Governor, Boond would rather party and eat then anything else with celebrations occuring weekly. Boond has no standing armies but can field 5,000 troops if needed, they all carry some mysterious purple metaled weapons, a small 2 foot rod spun like a shield and a curved weapon called an avuau which is caste at an enemy and returns to the caster. they only have 5,000 of these, dont know where they came from so can't make more they are passed down generation to generation. Boond is about 900 years old.

HOMES: They live in burrow like villages going down no more then 20 feet. which tend to be sod and stone in nature. Generally there is a living type room above ground with sleeping and eating areas below ground.

TYPICAL meal: fried opaia mixed with obin and boc

WEATHER: a balanced weather system here which creates a nice wooded area with plenty of vegetation.

GEOGRPHAY heavily wooded sloping hills down to th sea montains to the north and west

65% arable