Brevendrear Kingdom

Capital: Sidvium
Colors: Red and Light Blue
Population: 5.99 million
GDP: 53 million
Language: Brevendrearian
Imports: Alchohol, Jol Fur, Some Slaves
Exports: Wikipue, Jol Clothes, Kamec 
         and Boozey Bone, some spices
Large Citys: Eculae, Piium, Iquivium
Troops: 29,985

NOTES: Brevendrear is at least 2000 years old, they say all life on kramxel started here. They have a Emporer who rules the entire nation from a glorious Castle in Sidvium, they relish goods of other nations as its mainly too cold here to do anything much. Breven Soldiers are known as the most disiplined force on Kramxel, one would do well to avoid war with such. They Colonized the Nations of Waxnia and Dephoria.

HOMES: these tend to be brick or stone made although there is not much stone in brevendrear, they do make wood plank homes about 4 rooms in size for a faimly.

TYPICAL meal: opaia(fish) and wikepu stew, and imported iri beer.

WEATHER: this is a foggy and cold place almost 7 out of 8 months of the kramxel year.

GEORAGPHY a tundra based land in the south and a ligthly wood area to the north

5% arable land