The Dephora States

Capital: Ewaveem
Colors: Brown and Gray
Population: 2.45 million
GDP: 15.5 million
Language: Dephorian
Imports: Stone, Jol Fur, Bone
Exports: Artifacts, Lumber, Silver 
         and Obin
Large Citys: Oxoust, Muzlee, Cuja, Hebe
Troops: 12,300

NOTES: Dephora is about 300 years old, they were a colony in the beginning of Brevendrear. About 1302 NT the Emporer of Brevendrear started extorting large amounts of taxes and goods from dephorians regardless of the effect on the dephorian lives. Soon dissent and fighting broke out, after a long campiagn of guerilla warfare the Dephorians won peace and started a new nation. They live mainly on the west side of the Great Waveem river, but they do a have a few villages on the eastern side. They are bordered by Waxnia in the East, Boond in the Northwest and the Xomlee Ega(Great Plains) to the West.

HOMES: homes tend to be sod and log mixed type structures generally 2 stories in hieght with 6 rooms or so, sometimes they live in grass like huts which are very smallish ( 2 rooms).

TYPICAL Jol steaks with a THICK obin porridge made with Jol butter OR an opaia, wikepu, obin stew with obin bread...

WEATHER: Has a mixture of weather, some rain, some sunshine with periodic flooding of the Great Waveem river. The Waveem is a major way to travel, its about 2 miles wide...but only 10 feet deep on average. During Flooding the Waveem grows to 5 miles wide. The Waveem controls Dehporian life, everything revolves around it.

Geography rolling hills with a plus river valleey running thru it dotted with wooden lots stretching to the east into a cenral plain calle the xomlee.

45% arable More City or Area maps here