Capital: N/A
Colors: Brown and Gray
Population: 7,000
GDP:  .1 million
Language: Diij
Imports: anything they can get
Exports: Bone, Opaia, Boozey Oil, 
         and Hides 
Large Citys: Kute, Nudo
Troops: N/A

NOTES: Diijmuit's age is not exactly known but its estimated to be about 4300 years old. Diijmiuts are about 5 foot 2 inches tall, they dress in brown and grey clothing generally made from camec hides. They are a quiet people and avoid contact with most strangers. They have no armies as the whole village fights. They have no real Capital, Kute is thier largest Village but Nudo is loved by all Diijmiuts as the spiritual homeland. They eat Opaia(fish) and hunt camec and boozeys with camec as thier favorite game food. The men carry a bone-stone cudisak cutting tool shaped like a half moon and a detachable bone tipped spear with a 100 foot cord attached. Women are precious here, only about 20% of all women make it to child bearing years. You work that detail out for your selves.

HOMES: homes tend to be sod or Camec hides during sunny months and snow and ice huts during winter times. they are generaly small 1 room homes for 4-5 people. they generally live in small groups of 10-12 famiy huts but sometimes as large as 150 family huts.

TYPICAL meal: mainly camec meat and some dried opaia wikepu mix.

WEATHER: Has a mixture of weather but is generally cold foggy and darkish day and night, only during its brief sunny months(2) do they have real sunshine. Generally a light snow happens every few days or a light drizzle of rain.

GEOGRAPHY a tundra based ecology with a small forest to the south and mountiains to the east.

10% arable