Irekonni Nation

Capital: Huhury Bavury
Colors: All Greens
Population: 5.69 million
GDP: 21.3 million
Language: Ire
Imports: Boozey Oil, Spices
Exports: Mainly LARGE BOC
        then Artifacts, Gold and Silver
Large Citys: Yelury, Uyuury
Troops: N/A explained below

NOTES: Irekonni, a land of deep greens everywhere The Ire were occupied by Kauj for a 200 years it affected them badly, they are somewhat passive but GREAT hand to hand combat artist, they generally use non-lethal weapons such as staffs and the famed ava sadahi (chain sticks). When occupied they were pertty much denied most food but Kaujians did not really know much about the BOC which saved thier lives most meals revolve around the BOC. The Ire perfected its growth. they can get BOC to, grow to 2 feet in length in some places. Ruled by a Parliment and Premier they are very democratic. They have no real army since they are strange and passive in nature, they do have 5,000 troops called the condemned, they are armed with normal lethal weapons, but Ire believe they are condemned since they will take lives so the "Condemned" live a very nice life and while being a warrior they want for nothing in exchange. About 1300 years old.

HOMES: Ire live in a mixture of Sod and Stone type homes, sometimes as large as 5-6 rooms thier homes rarely have windows but if they do there its only 1 and its small.

TYPICAL meal: opaia with Fried Boc or Baked Boc or Boc Soup OR just plain old Boc soup the fav of every Irekooni.

WEATHER: a balanced weather system here

GEOGRAPHY a nice wooded area with plenty of vegetation rising in the south to gentle hills.

45% arable