Capital: Ogufud
Colors: Green or Green/Gray
Population: about 12 million
GDP: 51 million
Language: Kauj with Bola
         Lok and Achen dialects
Imports: they take what they want
Exports: War, Slavery        
Large Citys: Qezfud, Jok'Du
         Odokar, Jugkar
Troops: at least 35,000

NOTES: Kauj is old, 6000 years old, its a place filled with Bola's and Loks and a few Achens. a deadly place for anyone else. Made up of many tribes , the largest is in the area called Ogufud its capital and the largest city on Kramxel with 300,000+ beings Little else is Known for few come back alive from Kauj. They love to have slaves and people to torture here.

HOMES: as its mainly a desert place, Kauj homes and cities are mainly underground (80%) the parts above ground are generally stone or rocks, The Bolas are great diggers and provide the most homes here.

WEATHER: this is a dry and very hot place or a dry and very cold place never moderate in weather. the Great Dead river and Dead sea provide some moisture for Bola's, Lok and Achens but its almost always putrid for others.

Geography a desert Valley with putrid watersl agriculture Happen here flat dusty an dried unless you know where the oasis are.

5% Arble land