Capital: N/A
Colors: Purple and Gray
Population: 30,000
GDP:  .9 million
Language: Lepish
Imports: unknown
Exports: unknown
Large Citys: Okae
Troops: N/A

NOTES: Lepan is old but how old no one knows. a very peaceful society they promote peace and shun violence for the most part. little else is known of these mysterious people of the Great MT. Kngauda Aumi. they do have some ties to Nush and some Nushians Make the Great Pilgramage once in thier life time to see Okae.

HOMES: Homes appear to be made of mud and house 3-4 people, things are very simple here not complex at all.

WEATHER: Fairly balanced weather with average rain and snow falls per season. It can be foggy near Khaopa in winter near Aumi Mt.

GEOGRAPHY a mountainous country with a small plain

22% arable