The Okovium Gambit:
A Merchant Named Xotria wants to move all his household and goods to Dephoria to escape
the excessive taxation of the Brevendreaer government. He must move his goods and family
during the night time from Oquvium to Ewaveem across the Okovium Straights. He has 3 children
a wife, a maid, a man servant and 2 hired hands. He has assets in excess of 20,000 Hago and
2 prized breeding Jols. There may be Government Taxmen trying to prevent the movement of
the assets from Brevendreaer, there are also a number of well known Waxnian and Dephorian
pirates in the Sraights and the trip across the water will be dangerous.

To Kill a Thief:
a thief named Eli Hamsfeld must be killed his last known location was in Nukburg, Booont
he has many loyal followers and is well protected, his guild has issued the hit for various reasons
and you and your party must do the hit within 3 days or no payment will be forthcoming.

The Far calling
a caravan wants to go from waveem to nukburg the full 6000 onutus they have 20 wagons
and 100 jols laden with goods. your to provide protection along they way and facilitate the sale
of said goods in nukburg when you arrive.