Modern Equipment

I would prefer if you did not have modern equipment on Kramxel
but since it is a GENERIC RPG world any is acceptable. I will
however put limits on this.

Pike & Musket and Equipment

I would prefer that Kramxel offer no more then the Pike & Musket era meaning Matchlock rifles and pistols and cannons. I would allow easily obtainable powder, shot and parts for such as these. I would impose this limit though. On sunny days a modifier that allows a 75% success rate on powder working/firing, on rainy days a 10% success rate and then on foggy days a 25% success rate. then add on any modifiers from your respective RPG system. These types should be common amoung the Bola and Vlant races/nations first.
Art Co-Copyrights(c) 2005 to Adam B. Bulcock

Modern Arms and Equipment

Arms If you insist on using a system that allows modern firearms and equipment such as pistols, rifles, shotguns, semi and full automatic weapons that is okay. I would limit these as follows: ammunition is NOT easily available on Kramxel you may start off with no more the 250 rounds of ammunition for your arm and no more then 2 explosive devices. You have only a 2% of sccuess in finding ammunition or parts per village, town or city. a 95% success rate on firing a modern arm, then add on any other modifiers from your respective RPG system. You must choose only 1 arm, the leader of your group may carry 2 arms. Rockets or Missles or Tank-Artillery type Shells you may have only 3 of these and cannot replace them or fix them if they are damaged or lost. if someone carrys these they loses 100 rounds of ammunition for thier arm. If they go with a vehicle there must be one person that handles them, they may only carry a pistol if so. Vehicles You may have 1 vehicle on Kramxel with these limits. You only have enough fuel for 72 hours of operation of your vehicle, you only have the ability to change flat tires(if applicable). There is only a 1% chance of finding a fuel source, tools and parts to fix or operate your vehicle per village, town or city apply normal modifiers for your RPG system for operating this vehcile. Nuclear weapons I would insist that you not use nukes on kramxel, but if you insist here are the limitations. It must weight 1000 pounds(earth equivalent) so appropriate transport is required. It can only have a timer lasting 5 minutes and cannot be detonated remotely, it takes 1 hour to prep the device, the timer is only 90% accurate. its major damage radius is 1 mile, minor damage up to 2 miles and minimum damage radius of 2.5 miles. anyone within the major damage gets a fatal dose, anyone in the minor damage has a 50/50 chance of surviving, anyone in minimum damage range has a 90% chance of surviving. apply any modifiers for your RPG system. you may only have 1 nuke. Communications any comm gear you may have only has a 2.5 mile radius and a 90% success rate for usage. few if any NPC's will have modern stuff.

Future Arms and Equipment

Weapons If you insist on using a system that allows future weapons and equipment such as lasers, particle beams, disruptors, stunners thats okay. Here are the limits on such as those. You only have 50 discharges for your weapon. there are no spare parts or ammunition available. You may have 2 explosive type devices. you have a 99% success rate on discharging your weapon, then add any modifiers from your RPG system. Vehicles you may have 1 vehicle, it has enough fuel for 168 hours of operation. there are no parts , tools or fuel available anywhere for your vehicle. You must conserve your fuel if you wish to leave the planet of Kramxel it takes 24 hours of fuel to be consumed to reach space. a GM may provide alternatives but only if missions are 100% successfuly completed. apply normal modifiers for your RPG system for operating this vehicle. Your Vehicle may not be armed unless the GM provides some away for NPC's to combat a future Vehicle. Communications any comm gear you may have only has a 5 mile radius and a 90% success rate for usage. Vehicle Shielding you may have sheilding but you may only turn it on and off 5 times. then you have nothing. You may not leave or enter your vehicle when it is on, You may not fire out when its on. If you strike an object of the same mass as your vehicle at 40mph or greater there is no damage but your shield turns off automatically. no NPC's will have future stuff. unless they steal it from you.