Empire of Nush

Capital: Ohepur
Colors: Lime Green and Red
Population: 5.75 million
GDP: 57 million
Language: Nush
Imports: Silver, any lumber, weapons
Exports: Iri, Books, Articfacts
         and Iron
Large Citys: Olepur, Hizush
         Tugara, Suyaja, Jukatan
Troops: 28,795

NOTES: The 3200 year old Nushian Empire is ruled by a Beautiful Queen, and mainly made of lush Jungle Like Forests, warm and sunny most of the year, they do get storms now and then, many Nushians are followers of the leader of Lepan to the North of Nush, they are nieghbors with Vudria to the East and always at war with them, to the South is Xili were some trade is possible, generally Nushian Vessels must go far south to Irekonni or they just Trade with Lepan, which does not have alot.

HOMES: Nushian homes are sparse, very grass like in nature with interwoven branches and canes, they tend to be narrow and 1 roomed, but its very long like. sometimes they are part of a tree or up in a tree.

TYPICAL meal: a mixture of iri, wikepu from lepan and Vebu(berry) with opaia now and then.

WEATHER: warm and sunny with periodic rain storms from the west. pertty balanced.

GEOGRAPHY a tropical rainforest with many streams and rivers with the great kngauda Aumi Mt. to the north.

25% arable