The Ice Kingdom Hordes: Payvik

Capital: C'hatlar
Colors: Ice Blues, Whites, Grays
Population: 5.39 million
GDP:  44  million
Language: Payvikish
Imports: They take what they want
Exports: War 
Large Citys: Kornts, Luzby
         Biynst, Ynst
Troops: 53,900 troops

NOTES: 4300 year old Payvik is a very isolated nation and very dark in geography, with such a harsh environment has led to a low ratio of women and a very high ratio of men which has lead to a very warrior like race, payviks lead a military type lifestyle from and early age, as to the ratio of men and women you can figure out what ever you want to fill this in. Only about 25% of women survive here. Motto: "our enemys run headless before us, cause we cut them off with our blades" Payvik is made up of military type fort cities whose alliance's change with the wind sometimes. all are aligned with C'hatlar no matter what alliance they are in.

HOMES: anything they can get thier hands on they use for making homes, tents, sod, stone, wood, generally 1 big room. payvik homes are generally made with as thick as walls as possible. wood is thier favorite material.

WEATHER: cold and stormy most of the year its somewhat nicer on the North western coast. cold and snowy, snowy and cold.

GEOGRAPHY is surrounded by mts and forests to the north giving way to plains in the south and tundra to the southwest.

33% arable