Capital: Woyek and Lewa
Colors: Black dominate and White trimmings
Population: 2.27 million
GDP:  51 million
Language: Pejeptian and Ozowluish
Imports: Drugs, Gems, Alchohol
Exports: Spices, Jols, Gold 
         and mercenaries 
Large Citys: Woyek,Momejo,Lewa,Hakohi
Troops: 11,350

NOTES: Pejept is a bit different in that its really 2 kingdoms Pejept in the North and Ozowlu in the South reasons for the division are lost in time. Pejeptians are Chens distance relatives of Achens. Chens carry the Kootar a spear-sword that they wield with fierce skill but they never throw it. they also sometimes have a blade strapped to thier wrist. Their skin is somewhat tough in that it can withstand 1 or 2 blows before cutting. Pejept and Ozowlu do not know about the Western side of Kramxel. They live under The Council of 19...

HOMES: homes are a mixture of items from hide tents to stone to wood to mud. they can house anywhere from 5 to 20 people. City, Towns and villages are built in Circles with central Community plaza's....

WEATHER: Has a mixture of weather Generally Sunny But somewhat windy in Pejept and Balanced and Sunny in Ozowlu.

OZOWLU Ozowlu can field 3,500 troops has a popluation of 690,000 and a GDP of 15 million.

GEOGRAPHY The North area is covered by tropical rainforest and the south by dedicous forest with a small Mt range.

35% arable