There are 6 possible catagories for Psionic abilities

Each catagorie has a number of disiplines

sense: detect another sentient mind
telempathy: communicate emotions or feelings
read: read someones mind (surface thoughts)
send: send a message to someones mind
probe: read someones mind (secret thoughts)
assault: turns someones mind off (knock them out)
shield: defends against probe or assault

See: can see a remote object or person or place
Hear: can hear what is happening at a remote place
Combine: both powers

Beginner: move hand size objects
Intermidiate: move children size objects
Advanced: move adult sized objects
Master: move objects 10 times the size of a human

deep sleep-self: can do with out food or water and minimum/no air for a few days
strength-self: doubles your strength
endurace-self: doubles your endurance
heal-self: wounds and injuries heal rapidly

Beginner: transport yourself naked
Intermidiate: transport yourself clothed and gear you have on you
Advanced: transport yourself at intermidiate level plus an object or person the size of a small child
Master: transport yourself and another adult with gear and clothes on you both.

here you could make up something not listed above
it should have about 3 levels of expertise to it
you must master each, over a GM determined amount
of time-training and/or experience.


Heal-others Beginner: heal cuts, bruises, headaches, a cold, fatigue Intermidate: heals stab wounds, bullet wounds, major desease Advanced: regenerate severed body part, bring back from death if done within a few minutes(5) you cannot make up something that combines ALL or MOST of the above catagories it needs to be a specific thing for a specific need. you can only have 1 Psionic ability and its assocaited disiplines. apply any modifiers from your RPG system, and/or subsitute a Psionic catagorie with one from your RPG system.