Art Co-Copyrights(c) 2005 to respective artists
Art Co-Copyrights(c) 2005 to Kristian Juul Rasmussen

This is a Bola they stand about
6.5 feet tall their weapon of choice is
a 4 foot bar of iron or wood about 4 in.
thick. They are green or gray-green in
color w/ purple eyes, They live in deserts
Mts. or desolate places,
Art Co-Copyrights(c) 2005 to Louis Frank

This is an Achen, they are tall
at 7 feet ,They are the only race
with the bow They also have a
shield that has razor edges its
used in combat as a weapon
They are evil and love only to kill.
They prefer the night but can
move around at dusk/dawn
Art Co-Copyrights(c) 2005 to Louis Frank

This is an Chen, they are tall
at 7 feet ,Their weapon of choice
is the Kootar a short spear/sword
they dont throw it though. Thier
skin is very hard and they can take
1-2 blows before cutting it. They
have rumors about thier kindred
the Achens. They are Good.

Art Co-Copyrights(c) 2006 to Mellissa Gry

This is an Payvikian with Fabon Skin Cloak, they
are about 6 feet tall,Their weapon of choice
is the Vnst'fz(Vince Fiz) which is
a long 2 handed/bladed weapon. Thier
somewhat hairy/furry and have a mane
like covered head. They are warlike.
of all the tools they have thier cherished
Tuc'h(ax) is always with them where ever
they respectable pavikian is Tuc'hless

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