Capital: Tedal Zex
Colors: Green 
Population: about 12 million
Language: Tabn
Imports: they take what they want
Exports: Death        
Large Citys: Tedal Aladatec, Xasoban

Troops: at least 121,000
NOTES: Tabniaoci is of an unknown age not much is known about the land as most everyone that approaches it disappears never to be seen again. Tabns are a hive like creature with a major Queen and various sub-queens each hive-pyramid has only 1-2 fertile males, warriors are female and males are workers.

HOMES: Large Mound-Pyramid structures some as high as 900 feet, made of mud clay and rock.

WEATHER: this is a very humid and hot environment

GEOGRAPHY thick with jungles and swamps and rivers. Near Tedal Zex the jungle is laced with tabn trails. The Utanisco splits the Empire in half but its crossed in places with tabn like bridging. The Utanisco river is narrow about 1/2 mile wide but its over 1 mile deep. During the Spring rains the Utanisco widens to 1-1.5 miles wide.

22% arable