Kramxel'sTime Line

The Present, Year 1416 NT

1353 NT - The trade route from Brevendrear to Boond is establish, "The Bolas Road" it runs roughly 6000 onutus.

1346 NT - The 5 year long Slave and Taxation Wars Begin.

1318 NT - Bopust Wv becomes the First President of Dephora

1316 NT - Brevendreaer surrenders after the siege of Ewaveem The Dephoran States are Born.

1315 NT - After many battles and defeats the tide turns during the battle of Nim for Dephora, Breven begins a retreat

1311 NT - Dephorans revolts over excessive taxation, it does not go well at all.

1307 NT - Dephorans grow Restless

1302 NT - The New Breven Emporer Liwo Woob increases taxes upon the Dephoran Colony "to pay for the Great Eastern war"

1279 NT - The Bolas Leader Bodfud retreats to Ogufud and the Kaujian Deserts and licks his wounds.

1279 NT - Brevendrear , Boont and Dephoran Militia defeat the Kaujian Forces finally near Xomi, The Great Eastern War Ends

1275 NT - The Great Eastern(Kaujian) War spills eastward into Dephora

1274 NT - Boond finally repels the Kaujian Forces from southern Boond, Governor Amo Falu is elected to Office

1273 NT - Irekonni liberates itself from the Bolas kind Invasion, a Parliment with a New Premier Fopa Bopagh form.

1253 NT - The Waxnian War Breaks out, Brevendrear defends and keeps its Dephora colony

1243 NT - Tensions develop between Brevendrear and Waxnia over Brevens new colony Dephora

1137 NT - A pair of twin Kaj'du frequent the Tufa Monbav Area of Waxnia

1123 NT - A New Emporer establishes a new Colony across the Holtus Straights, called Dephora

1070 NT - The Missing Colonist form Waxnia and reconnect with Brevendreaer

1029 NT - Brevendrear disolves into the 3 year Noble House Wars

1027 NT - The Great 2 year Storm Ends

1025 NT - A Colony is attempted to the North of Brevendrear, The Great 2 Year Storm occurs, all go missing

1000 NT - A descendent of Emporer Ixa comes to Power, Emporer Evi Pub

995 NT - A Great Light is seen falling to the East of Vland Across the Vuyaink Sea

990 NT - The Two Kings system is formed in Vlant

900 NT - The Great Eastern Wars start with Boond and Irekonni being Invaded by Bolas from Kauj

100 NT - A Human Group of migrants form Irekonni

The New Times - N.T.

1600 OT - As a result of the Great Western War Xili is formed, Nush and Vland hold back Vudria the Great Western War ends.

1700 OT - The Great Western War begins Between humans in southern Nush and Vudria attacks both Nush and Vlant

1714 OT - The Great Queen Yubush is born

2000 OT - After a long period of human movement Brevendrear is Established by Emporer Ixa Mitlea

2290 OT - The Achens form thier own nation in the Far East call Vudria

2300 OT - A sect of Chens called Achens chase an enemy East from Pejept

2496 OT - Vlantians establish a new Homeland on an Island NorthWest of Boontia

2499 OT - The Vland Trails of tears begins, led by Hero Vuyaink Mutograd

2500 OT - The Bolas kind drive Vlants from the Homeland near Bajdar

2560 OT - The Pavikian invasion by Bolas kind ensues

2600 OT - The Great Migration Ends

2700 OT - The Great Payvik Migration to Seto C' hatlar Begins

2900 OT - Ozowlu becomes semi-autonomous from Pejept

2950 OT - The First Few Families Gather at Nudo, Diijmiut

3000 OT - The Pejept Council of 19 Form

4999 OT - King Ekeshul of Kauj Consolodates Power

The Old Times - O.T.

Year Zero(0) - Life Begins

The Before Times - B.T.