The Vlant Confederacy

Capital: Vlahasa
Colors: Purples, Maroons, Violet, Orange
Population: 1.13 million
GDP: 20.5 million
Language: Vlantish
Imports: any Veggies, Fish, Books
Exports: Iron, Perfect Iron, Gems
Large Citys: Vuloba, Remienk
         Yereski, Masaski
Troops: 6,695

NOTES: Possibly related to boonds Vlants are an underground people, except for a few fortifications and Vlahasa they live 99% underground, they love to mine and work metal. Vlant is divided Yet united under 2 Kings a Northern One and a Southern one, Vlants are not evil but they are not too friendly either. Vlantia is about 4400 years old.

HOMES: Live underground in Caves, Stone and Wood structures, with many halls, pillars and rooms.

TYPICAL meal a THICK wikepu and iri soup with boc bread.

WEATHER: Warm in the East and Cooler in the West Vlantia has a typical Weather System. The East can get Heavy monsoons from the Tabin Coast, but not often. This makes for a strange COLD rainforest in the S.W and a HOT and WET temperate woods in the N.E. with a mild temperate valley bewtween

27% arable