The Desert Kingdom: Vudria

Capital: Dalaarad
Colors: White Dominant, Black Trimmings
Population: 9.38 million
GDP: 57 million
Language: Vudrian
Imports: Any Veggies, Any Lumber, Jol Fur
Exports: Books, Gold  
        Lots of Clothes 
Large Citys: Sihshan, Qal ' isu
         Diyyshan, Gageshan
Troops: 28,795

NOTES: 3600 year old Vudria has been around a while steeped in rumor and legend no one has returned from this evil land, Vudrians are known to be the only ones with the Bow and Arrow at this time. They love to kill and rarely if at all take prisoners. Vudrias prefer night time but do move around a bit during Dawn and Dusk. Ruled by an Evil Dictator Vudrians are tough and without mercy to thier foes. They are Nomadic by nature. There are many rumors and legend floating around about this nation.

HOMES: Vudrians mainly live in large tent like structures that can hold up to 40 people in them at a time for events and about 20 for sleeping/living. Some Vudrians do live in fixed Adobe type homes and buildings.

TYPICAL meal scaled jol steaks, plus Gigwal and Opodu mixes.

WEATHER: Hot Hot and Hot, and dusty dry, water here is even used as currency its so dry, the vudrian desert is surrounded by mountains so little moisture gets thru in large amounts it rains maybe 2 to 2.5 weeks out of the year.

GEOGRAPHY Vudria has some varied landscape it has and outer grass plains occupied in the SE by Nush.then two mt. ranges runung south to north with a hot dry desert between them.

23% arable.