The City States of Waxnia

Capital: None
Colors: Light Blues, red trimmings
Population: 2.51 million
GDP: 13.3 million
Language: Waxnian
Imports: Gems, ALOT of mercenaries
Exports: Kamec hides and meat 
         Boozey Oil, Opaia, Lumber
Large Citys: Sice, Mepes, La' Boh,
         Emuaux, Monbav
Troops: N/A explained below

NOTES: Waxnia(Waz ne ah) or "The Jewelled Citys" are a group of loosley aligned city states, never more then 2-3 are aligned together at anyone time, although they do come together in times of External Invasions and can field a force of 12,560 troops. The City States were really made by accident, Breven tried to make a colony in its early years but the colony ships were lost at sea during a 2 year storm, 50 years later it was found out that some of the ships survived and formed an independent country. Waxnia is about 400 years old. They have a large navy.

HOMES: as lumber is in abundance here most homes are log cabin like with any number of rooms. with some inovative construction they even go as high as 5 stories.

WEATHER: it can be stormy here, with rains coming in from the westt and Southwest quite heavy at times, but there is usually good weather here.

GEOGRAPHY forest hills in the north and west and rolling flat hill stretching east to the great waveem reiver

35% arable land