The Empire of Sand: Xili

Capital: La' Sod
Colors: Orange, Gray, some tans
Population: 2.16 million
GDP: 39  million
Language: Xili
Imports: Fish, Perfect iron, Lumber
Exports: Glass, Drugs,
         Weapons, Mercenaries
Large Citys: La' Ojo, La' Soq
         De' Cuz, Zaqanna
Troops: 10,845

NOTES: Xili, ruled for 3000 years by various Kings. Life is hard in this desert kingdom, they rely alot on the Scaled Jol and are the best Jol riders on Kramxel thier Jol Calvary Charges are Scary. Thier motto is if it can't be done from the back of a Jol it dont need to be done. They Love Triangles. Most Xilians are not friendly. Thier entire military is mounted on Scaled Jols.

HOMES: Xilians live in adobe type structures around oasis's or deep solitary wells. They make pilgramges from west to east during the first month of the year. Foreigners are not allowed in S.W Xili.

TYPICAL meal Opodu and Gigwal cakes, with opaia

WEATHER: Hot and dry, water is the ONLY money here with only metal being worth a little more on a cash value. Hot dry winds from the west, prevent much rainfall. wells have to be at least 300 feet deep to find water.

GEOGRAPHY completly a sand covered wastes dotted with oasis's.

17% arable