Graod is spoken and written in the format
like this, I walked across the street.....

NOTE: there is "Ancient Graod"
which then morphed into "Modern Graod"
this usage page only covers the "Modern" version.

b = bee
c = sea
d = dee
f = ef
g = gee
h = soft as in hate...
j = jay
l = el
m = em
n = en
p = pee

a = aye
e = as in ye
i = eye
o = oh
uu = youuuuuu "a long sound"

Example Text:
Microsoft Windows is really stupid, I hate it...

Microsoft Windows ugupe omba adjhe, ujogi ugupe...

Famous quote:
"every cloud has a silver linning..."

Ucuja apgo ubafo opu'saw udeni

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