Austin Tappan Wright 1883-1931

made the country of Islandia but then he passed away in a car wreck which ended any further dvelopment of islandia and its language. I've posted the remenants of that language here for your pleasure. there is not much... words get combined together to form 1 word......IE tanrydoon which is tan = soil ry = place doon = custom tanrydoon = my special place or my favorite place it says if a word is to be feminine it ends with an "a" but alot of words end in a so maybe islandian was a feminine language?
sarka = a plum like fruit and a drink
elainry = place of many people = City
elain = many people
tana or tanar = agent, propietier, master
windorn = winter
sorn = summer
grane = spring
leaves = fall
alyssum = flower?
amia = brotherly love
linamia = strong brotherly love
tan = soil
ry = place
doon = custom
lin = strong
deneri or denerir or denriria= dependents, servants
ania = marriage love
apia or apiata = sex love
durso or darso = bulb of a local flower 
alia = love of ones home place(land) or family.
di or dee = green
vavan = see eye
vant = see far thing
vantry = place seen far away
sol = very
aspara = seagull
stell = jump
geroge = wheatfield
bantir = Negros
solvadia = very green eyes
kana = peace

ek = 1
atta = 2
etteri = 3
nek = 4
natta = 5
netteri = 6
Re-clarifications and assistance by: Traci Confer 2006-2007