Pictban a Tribute to the Alban Legend by Farely Mowat(c)
Pictban is spoken and written in the format
like this, across the street I walked.....


b   = bay
c   = say
c'h = kaw
d   = dee
f   = ef as in "jeff"
g   = gee
'h  = ha
j   = jay
k   = kay
l   = el
m   = em
n   = em
p   = pee
r   = are
s   = es as in "yes"
t   = tee
v   = vee
w   = dubaya
y   = why
z   = zed

a = aye
e = e
i = eye
o = oh
u = you

other sounds:
ell = as in "yell"
nst = unst
ofn = as in "off un"
sfi = safee
yri = your ee

to make something a question the sentence starts
and ends with a (?)

Example Text:
a couple of english jokes:
what weighs 5,000 lbs and wears glass slippers?

what is large and grey and goes round and round in circles?

an elephant stuck in a revolving door.

the jokes in pictban:
?5,000 lut Joli vapz nirnst pap'h mij?

?gsay vapz toynst vapz such'ell vapz such'ell rola ?

befa dofell guvsfi kah...

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