pronounced: "stray f pin ur"
Straifpin'r is spoken and written in the format
like this, across the street I walked.....

consonants are not individual letters but groups
of letters to create a unqiue sound-alphabet... i modeled
it after gaelic/celtish type languages

biethe = Bith aye
luis   = loo ees
fern   = fur en
sail   = say el
nin    = nin
uath   = oh ath
dair   = dare
tinne  = tyn
coll   = cool
cert   = sert
muin   = moo in
gort   = gort
getal  = gee tall
straif = stray f
zuis   = zwe s
peith  = piet

vowels are the same...

alim   = aye limb
on     = on
ur     = ur
edad   = e dad
idad   = eye dad
ebad   = e bad
or     = or
uilen  = oh leen
pin    = pin
emancoll    = e man cool

(-)hyphen = 1 second pause
F' = Ef
'r = are

Example Text:
famous one liners...

I'll be back....

Piethebadnin alim emancoll-certor....

Feel lucky punk?

Ulien idadbiethe'r tinnealimr

Straifpin'r glyphs:
straifpin'r can also be written short hand
if you have memorized the correct sounds by
using the first letter of each it
becomes like a secret code...

(P)ieth(eb)ad(n)in could be written like this    "pebn"
alim could be written like this                  "a"
(E)mancoll-(c)ert(o)r could be written like this "eco"
(I)dad(b)iethe('r) could be written like this    "Ibr"

there are some duplicate letters for the beginning of sounds
so here is the "glyph"...

edad  = ed
ebad  = eb

gort  = go
getal = ge

coll  = c
cert  = ce

so the one liners could look like this...

I'll be back...

pebn a eco...

Feel lucky punk?

U ibr ta?

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