Tukbeyo is spoken and written in the format
like this, I walked across the street.....

b = bee
c = cee
d = dee
f = ef
g = gee
h = soft as in hate
k = kay
l = el
n = en
s = es
m = em
w = dub aya
t = tee
j = jay
p = pea
y = why
r = short r
rr = roll the r on your tounge

a = aye
e = as in ye
i = eye
o = oh
u = you
ee  = long e
oo  = long o

momm = as in mom

Example Text:
Patrick Henry:
" Give me Liberty or give me Death "

Roomoowol wih boofget hej roomoowol wih mamcuh

"Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country"


Feeforroowo mam eeco pobok fogiyol powoon harrojes eeco,
Popet mam eeco fogiyol powoon harrojes eeco pobok.

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