Yahina is spoken and written in the format
like this, I walked across the street.....

any word that has a (') is stressed as a pause
of 1 second in pronouncing the word...also
if the (') is at the end of the word repeat
the last letter....

adventure = et'ud pronounced et... 1 second...ud
it is NOT pronounced...etud

abandon = ts'ula pronounced ts...1 second..ula
it is NOT pronounced tsula...

b = bee
d = dee
dj = as in "just"
g = gee
p = pee
t = tee
ts = as in "sit"
k = kay
p = pie
w = wa as in "wash"
c = cee OR as in "can"
s = es as in "yes"
j = jay
l = el
m = em
n = en
r = are as in "art"
h = some what silent as in what
x = ex
y = why

a = aye
e = e
i = eye
o = oh
u = you

Example Text:
Psalms 117     Original King James Version

1. Mih, yum HEX apic adjena, Mih Kit, apic xudj

2. Man Kit ila utu yum ots'i ocop'a nurug: p'idj
   yum ts'eyam yum HEX gimut's gimut's, Mih yum HEX.

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