Arlee, Montana

Arlee, Before the war
 Arlee was a fairly small town before the war. It was mainly a wide spot in the road that served as 
a way spot for pre war trucking for logging and wood chips, also for points in the Glacier National
Park and Kalispel and the nearby National Bison Range. It had a few shops, a gas station, a grocery
store and tavern, a school, 2 cafes and an antique furniture store its one claim to fame was a small
bowling alley.  It was also located on the Flathead Indian Reservation. It had a Population of roughly 210.

Nuclear Strikes

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Arlee, After the War

1989 Eastern Montana was struck heavily during the war and laid to waste its now pertty much a
a land fit only for rats, mice, black flies, gila monsters, dragon lizards and scorpions. Per (TM 1-1) However
Western Montana fared a bit better. The Bitterroots and the Lewis Mt. Range sheltered a large portion of the
area from the fallout from Washington State although there was some. The area remained roughly 70%
unaffected by the war. The population dropped to about 147 people in arlee more as a result of refugee
conflicts then anything else. The Bison range to the North was stable at about 300 animals

In addition to the tradional hits in (TM 1-1) there was 3 miss-hits, an SS-17 east of Missoula
and 2 different SS-N-17's near Bozeman and Billings Montana. See MAP above.

2000 Arlee has become the last majority "white" towns in the area as the Amerind Nation of Flathead
has taken over most of the Flathead valley from Kalispel to Missoula. In the early years a strong
presence of the Montana Militia(M.M) West of Arlee helped support this venture. Heavily Armed and
trained the M.M supported Arlee in its independence from the Flatheads. The Militia control a small
thread of land from Thompson falls to Arlee about 40 miles wide and 75 Miles long. Arlee is a full fledge
town with a merchantile, gunsmith, livery and lumber/grain mill. They have a Governor Jo Edy an old woodchip
trucker hard as nails but level headed Hes one of 4 Governors united with the M.M. Game is abundant
major crops dont do so well in the Falthead valley such as corn and wheat, but other veggies grow okay
so meat from the Bison range and wild game along with the few remaining cattle are super important to
Arlee. Thier Population has increased to 207. The Heavily contested bison herd has increased to 380 animals.


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2024 Much recovery has happened in Arlee and in the M.M region of Montana, They now have a School
a second merchantile, a wagon maker, a 10 room Hotel and cafe, the population now stands at 312
people. Still heavily armed as a result of the M.M intervention the citizens have access to modern arms
and use them well. Many skirmishes happen to the North near the Bison range with the Flathead empire
but so far Arlee has managed to hold its own. a New Governor has been elected named Mr. Doumas
a cattle rancher from West of Arlee. He has started a number of agricultural projects to help Arlee
such as fixing the old canal system to better irrigate the land around Arlee. The Bison herd now stands at
557 animals and is prospering.

2139 Things have gone well for the little Arlee town, there were a few breif years when maggots and scraggers
have harassed the Southern side of Arlee Per (TM 1-1). A colony of grunts Per (TM 1-1)
have taken up residence in the old Town of Ravalii North of Arlee they have a population of 127. Arlee itself is
prospering very well with a population of 1100. The Bison herd still heavily contested with the Flatheads stands roughly
at 2000 animals, many of the old Bison range fences have been taken down or fallen down and they range from
North Arlee up to Ronan. Arlee is a mixture of townspeople, grunts, breeders, farmers and M.M personel.
Forests are tall and healthy west/east of Arlee game is abundant. The Canals Mr. Duomas developed have helped
with the crop system they setup even corn and wheat have a chance to grow now. The region is still
pertty remote with really trade only going on between the Flatheads and the M.M on a limited uneasy scale.
little Travel is encouraged North, South or East of Arlee more traffic goes west then anywhere else much of
the larger world is unknown. Rumors abound about a Maxwells Militia and Breeders in the East Per (TM 1-1).

Arlee, Montana State, USA 2139

Governor: Onree Iker
Town population: 1100.
Major Industry: Cattle rasing and Hunting Bison

Technology: mostly water mills, wind mills and animal power 
      a fellow named Grimes has built a steam engine and Arlee has some electrical power now.

Weapons: mostly M1 Garand class weapons, but all sorts of rifles and shotguns are in use
some limited amounts of handgrenades and C4 explosives are provided by the Montana Militia.
weapons are modern and taken care of very well since the strikes. ammunition is a little
harder to make and such. so its not uncommon to use bows and spears for hunting.

Militia: about 300 men and boys from 16-50 years old , NO EXCEPTIONS.

The Town:
 Now has a full time school, a small hospital with 2 EemDees(TM 1-1)
a couple liveries, a couple Merchantiles, a few gunshops, a small steam engine.
the bowling alley is in operation again as the most favorite pasttime. a Grain mill and
lumber mill combination. A Large hotel for travelers going west it has
20 rooms and a cafe. The is also a seperate eatery on the North side of Arlee.
they have 2 taverns. Up in Ravalii they have a Tavern also. There is an actual
Governor office along with a small jail with 5 cells.

A number of ranchers are converting to Bison(Buffs)(TM 1-1) from the
Bison range as they can as Buffs are easier on the grasslands then standard

Gov't: village and community voting for those that are married. Major desicions are
made by the 4 Governors and the M.M Officers to the West. Its mainly a Military
type Gov't but the people are left alone unless they create trouble like robbery or
murder or rape.

Beliefs: mixture of religons.

ANIMALS per TM 1-1
squirrels,rats,mice,weasels, a few gophers
rabbits, otters, skunks, foxes and coyotes
bobcats, white tail deer and elk, wild cattle
and a few wild horses, rarely, a cougar.

MUTANTS per TM 1-1

Buffs(Bison), mainly North of Arlee up to Ronan.
Bear(Grizzly), mainly to the North of Arlee
Bigfoot, found to the North and West of Arlee.
  they are quite troublesome as they steal crops and ruin fences.
Slashers, in HEAVY numbers to the east of Arlee, most people dont go East of Arlee
Dire wolves, also in HEAVY numbers east of Arlee and North East.

PEOPLES per TM 1-1
Grunts up in the old town of Ravalii , and some mixed in with everyone in Arlee.
Scraggers, although not very many, in the forest and South of Arlee
Farmers in mainly Arlee with some near Ravalii
Townspeople in Arlee, MT
American Indians(Amerinds) namely the Flathead Empire.

There maybe an infestation of Maggots in Northern Missoula near the airport.

Bikers and Razers Sometimes far south of Missoula are reports of them roaming around.
Maxwells Militia, Far to the East.
Breeders, Far to the East

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