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Hello, since my City in my state is obviously a crater after the war I thought I'd do one of a small town I know of. ENJOY!

Before the war
Before the war Brooklyn was a small logging community located in Western Washington near the Coast, it really never consisted of much
a small school, a logging depot with a dozen or so trucks, a small tavern, church and church campground, The Population at the time was about
87 people. To the West it was connected to Raymond and Cosmopolis, WA by a narrow paved road, to the east it was connected to a
place called Oakville, WA by a gravel logging road. Each road was about 12-15 miles long.

Brooklyn is nestled at the end of a small narrow valley running in a East/West direction its rarely more then 2 miles wide and has a small river
down the middle of it along the road, crisscrossed with about 4 bridges. It is also a heavily forested land.

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After the War
1989, Most of the heavy damage was not felt till later that year as the winds were blowing in a EAST- SOUTH EAST when the nulcear strikes came
and away from Brooklyn, then clouds of fallout hit the area resulting in many deaths from radiation poisoning and legionaires disease(PF R-010). The result
was the loss of about 30% of the Forest and Animals and leaving only about 6 people alive.

In addition to the tradional hits in (TM 1-1) and (PF R-010) there were 3 miss-hits, it appears either the missle for Evertt or the Whidbey Island
Naval Station hit the Skagit Valley north of Evertt and the Pasco Hit was probably meant for the Handofrd Nuclear Facilities plus the Bremerton Navals yards
did not get hit but nearby Port Orchard did., they were all hit with SS-N-17's, (TM 1-1) see map below.

2007, Some recovery has happend, some of the forest has comeback and is about 6 feet tall, animals are starting to move into the area again, its a
subsistence living though and not easy. Tom Wais and Jack Harding the 2 men left married the 4 women that were left and started 2 families. They have 3 and 4
kids respectivlly so the population of Brooklyn is about 13. Late in the Year a couple townies (TM 1-1) moved up from Raymond and the population is 22
In Deccember Raymond suffered a major blow when a gang of bikers (TM 1-1) made thier way up from the South on HW-101 they numbered about 45 and
they torched the town and killed a number of folks before they were driven off. Only the North side of the town suvived.

Nuclear Strikes
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2023, Much recovery has happened in Brooklind, The School is turned into a City Hall-Blockhouse-Hospital storage area. The tavern has turned into a combo
Tavern-Store. Being one of the last few "Christian" communities the Church is full every sunday. Tom Wais and Jack Harding are now gone but Tom left a nice
legacy for the community. Tom was an avid Black podwer rifle guy before the war, knowing the modern arms would be rare and ammounition even more rare he
pursued the building and teaching of Flintlock rifles in preference to percussion. It being easier to to maintain and use and supply then percussion. So quite a few in
the community own flintlock rifles. Most folks are farmers but there is now a small community of grunts(TM 1-1) near Artic,WA to the N.W. There is
trading with Raymond to the S.W and Cosmopolis to the N.W they each have populations of 554 and 170 respectivlly, Brooklind now has a pop of 40. Raymond
is no longer a port as the shore has receed a mile or so (PF R-010) and is now just a town with a creek going out into a salt marsh before the ocean.

Tom Wais's eldest son George W. is now Myor of Brookland.....pronounced "MY YOUR"

2139, Time has passed and Brookland has returned to a somehwat normal cycle of life. Brookland now has about 160 people, Artic about 30, Cosmopolis
has about 2025 folks and Raymond a bustling 5886 people and is the largest town for 100 miles in every direction. Cosmopolis has connected to the now known
"Open road" (PF R-010) and recieves worldly news through some of the truckers (TM 1-1) that come to trade with the coastal area. Brooklin hears
about "TAMS", "SOVIETS, and "REBELS" (PF R-010) and of mysterious "Green Berets" that appear out of nowhere it seems. Trees in the forest can
be upwords of 60 feet now. There is also a good size herd of elk to the West and the White tailed deer population is climbing.


Myor: Bawb Herding
Town population: 160, mainly farmers but now a few townies have moved in.
Major Industry: Logging
 Brookland built a water driven mill back in 2130 and is thier major source of trade and income.

Technology: mostly water mills, wind mills and animal power 
 here and there you might see a veh. generally gotten up in Cosmopolis through the truckers.

Weapons: mostly flinlock rifles and pistols although slow and hard to make. so a smaller industry
  of matchlock rifles can be found. There are also some Bows and Spears for the poorer Brooklanders.
  Being loggers another major weapon are axes and hachets, ALL brooklanders carry a hachet at
  ALL times the motto being "a hachet is a mans best friend". Some folks carry small 1.5 to 2 foot long
  short blades for protection. Every once in awhile you'll see a modern arm with those rare little
  things called cartridges.

Militia: about 32 men + 14 more boys of various ages down to 13.

The Town:
 Now has a full time school, a small clinic with an EemDee(TM 1-1)
 a saw mill, a large block house, a tavern, a store and a livery.
 it also sports small road house with 4 bedrooms and  eatery out nearer HW-101.
 also has a couple smiths-flintlock makers. The old truck area is empty of
 trucks but the support buildings have lots of rusty old truck parts in them.
 There is a small monument dedicated to the 2 founding fathers Tom Whyse and Jack Herding.

Gov't: village and community voting for those that are married and have at least one child.

Beliefs: one of the last few Christian communities.

ANIMALS per TM 1-1
squirrels,rats,mice,weasels, a few gophers
rabbits, otters, skunks, foxes and coyotes
bobcats, white tail deer and elk, wild cattle
and a few wild horses, rarely, a cougar.

MUTANTS per TM 1-1
Bats, mainly near Cosmopolis
Bear(Grizzly), mainly to the North and East of Brookland.
Bigfoot, found to the East and South of Brookland
  they are quite troublesome as they steal crops and ruin fences.
Misquitos, mainly South and West towards the ocean and salt marshes near Raymond.
Slashers, in HEAVEY numbers to the east of Brookland, most people dont go more then
  2-3 miles east of brookland unless in a larger group.
Dire wolves, also in HEAVY numbers east of brookland.

PEOPLES per TM 1-1
Grunts near the town of Artic,Wa
Scraggers, although not very many in the forest.
Farmers in mainly Brookland
Townspeople in Raymond, WA
Truckers and Townspeople up near Cosmopolis
American Indians namely Chehalis, Quinault and Hoh.
There is either a Witch or Warlock miles east of Brookland
 but no one goes over there so can't be sure.
There maybe an infestation of Maggots near Cosmopolis.
Sometimes far south of Raymond are reports of
 Bikers and Razers roaming around.

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