Harrison County, Before the war

Before the war Mondamin Iowa was a peacful farming community Just a Little North East of Council Bluffs,Iowa. It was supplimented by some smaller surrounding communities of Modale, Pisgah and Magnolia. Momndamins one claim to fame was the Old Lewis and Clark expedition went right down where its main street was in the 1800's. Mondamin is nestled against a range of hills called the Loess Range running North South along the Western edge of Iowa and in parallel with the Missouri river about 8 miles away. Mondamin sported 2 small grocery stores a bank a laundary mat 2 taverns and a cafe, a hardware store and a auto parts store and the local grain elevators it even had a small one room library. The Respective popullations of the towns were 436/276/343/215.


After the War
1989, Iowa itself suffered alot of fallout damage after the intial strikes more so then from direct nuclear strikes
North Eastern Iowa received less fallout the the rest of the state as a whole but also the Harrison County region seemed
to be in a small pocket roughly 15 miles long and 7 or so miles wide that was untouched by fallout as most
of the fallout went directly east from strikes in Omaha and Council Bluffs winds from the eastside of the state ran on a more
N.W course so passed a few miles north of Pisgah. a Bio Strike in Souix City did bring the deadly Sept. Fever (TM 1-1)
a month or so after the strikes. The results seemed to be minimal per fallout and diesease. But the Loses from the ensuing
refugee migrations North of Council Bluffs all but destroyed Mondamin and the area with rioting and raiding that went on. When the dust settled
there was the loss of about 20% of the Forest and Animals and crops and leaving only about 25 people alive.

In addition to the tradional hits in (TM 1-1) there was 3 miss-hits, it appears a Bio Weapon hit Souix City
an SS-17 hit near Cedar Rapids and a SS-N-17 hit Iowa City.(TM 1-1) see map below.

2000, Some recovery has happend, some of the woodlands have comeback and is about 8 feet tall, animals are starting to move into the area again, its a
subsistence living though and not easy. In Mondamin a Couple survived Named Johnny and Sybil Wallis and a single woman Named Mary, Sybil had 3 kids since.
in Modale 2 couples lived and an Older man Mr. Bolty ,there are now 5 & 3 kids repectivily, in Pisgah 3 familes have survived and they now number at 14
over in magnolia The Henry Family survived and 3 of thier children and 2 younger ladies of which the 2 henry boys married and they have 3 children each
All told about 40 folks are now in the 4 town area. The folks mainly raise hogs and corn which are thriving enough to feed the familys. also a number of hogs
have escaped and gone feral so there is quite a number of slashers(TM 1-1) in the area which one needs to be careful of while traveling.

Nuclear Strikes
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2020, Recovery is still in progress crops and pigs are fairing well, hunting of the dangerous slashers continues mainly to the North East and North of Mondamin. There are few modern arms left or ammo sometimes you might see a old family deer rifle, most men use bows constructed from local wood, they hunt slashers with big long spears and they all carry knives about 18-22 inches long. a Number of blockhouse like structures are near each town where a family is always living on a rotational basis Mondamin sports 2 blockhouse seeing as they are the biggest town amoung the four. Mondamin has a livery , a tavern and a mercantile store they also have a area for a monthly market. Corn and Pigs are the more common forms of currency but some gold and silver coins are used they have a pop of 43 . Modale Just sports a blockhouse and a Church they have a population of 22, Pisgah has a mercantile, a livery and a bow maker and a pop of 26. Magnolia has a blockhouse and a Inn that lets out 3 rooms to travelers headed east. East of the Loess range is a dry and less fertile region inhabitited by black flies, crows and dragon lizards per (TM 1-1) the old Mizzury river sports misquitos, electric catfish and snappers too which the catfish and snappers make good meat if you can catch one.

typical blockhouse: Here

John Wallis was Chief Mayur for sometime but now the Henrys eldest son Charlton H. is now Chief Mayur of the four towns.....

2139, Time has passed and Mondamin has returned to a somehwat normal cycle of life. There is trouble in the South near Modale with an infestation of both maggots , blue undead and scraggers Many in Modale are considering abandoning the town as there seems to be an unlimited source of these creatures (TM 1-1) migrating up out of the ruins and wastes of Omaha and Council Bluffs. There is some trading with towns to the north and east of the towns but much has remained the same. The respective Populations now are 96/55/63/37. They still fly the old american flag but they no longer call themselves "americans" but rather Loessians. They are also know here as the Quad City Alliance or even the Loess Confederation.


Chief Mayur: Jym Boltee
Town population: 96, mainly farmers but now a few townies have moved in.
Major Industry: corn and pigs
Technology: wind mills and animal power 

Weapons: mostly bows and spears and blades from 18-22 inches long
no real armor but they do have small metal shields(bucklers) and leather armor.
Now and then through trade..slowly..some firearms have made it into the area
these are generally reserved to repulse bikers, razers or krell scout parties now
coming in from the west.

Militia: for ALL the towns number about 63 men and boys ranging from age 15-47

The Town of Mondamin:
 The Market is Huge, once a month people from all 4 Towns Gather and buy 
 and sell goods and many as 150 people have come at one time.

 Now has a small clinic with an EemDee(TM 1-1)
 a water powered grain mill, 3 mercantiles 2 taverns 2 liverys 3 large blockhouses
 1 larger eatery, 1 school with grade equivalnets of 1-6.

 There are now 2 Badges as per  (TM 1-1) in the area sporting M1A battle rifles
 one "Hoss Cooper" stays in and around Mondamin the other "Hoss Dillon" generally
 patrols between the towns. Sometimes the folks are a bit nervous of them.

Gov't: town and community voting for those that are over 21.

Beliefs: none that are prevalent

ANIMALS per TM 1-1
squirrels,rats,mice,weasels, a few gophers
rabbits, otters, skunks, foxes and coyotes
bobcats, white tail deer and elk, wild cattle
and a few wild horses, rarely, a cougar.

MUTANTS per TM 1-1
Dragon Lizards East of Magnolia
Crows East of Magnolia
Black Flies East of Magnolia
Bats, mainly near Council Bluffs
Bear(Grizzly), mainly to the North of Pisgah
Misquitos, mainly West towards the Mizzury river.
Slashers, in HEAVEY numbers to the North and East of Pisgah
  a favorite meal of most Loessians.
Dire wolves, also in HEAVY numbers North and East of Pisgah.
Electric Catfish in the Mizzury River
Snappers in the Mizzury River.

PEOPLES per TM 1-1
Grunts near the town of Magnolia
Scraggers, although not very many, in the South
Farmers in mainly Mondamin and Modale
Townspeople in Mondamin and Pisgah
Truckers and Townspeople up near Souix City
There is an infestation of Maggots and Blue Undead near Mizzury Valley.
Razers, Bikers and Wanders go up and down the old HIghway 29 from time to time.
Krell patrols are being seen to the West of Mondamin.

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