Hit or Miss

This was an old game I played while in class during 7th and 8th grade
there are 2 versions one is with dots and one is with lines.

2 peices of plain BLANK paper(no lines)
2 pencils
Fold Both peices in half...

Dot Version:
on 1 side of each of your papers you both get to put 3 tanks and 3 infantry
units, make them about 1/4 inch long and wide. flip a coin or play rock paper
scissors to see who goes first.

first player take pencil and without measuring or using any aids place
a dot (1/4 inch sized) on the blank half of your opponents paper, then fold
your dots half over the military units half. with your finger rub back of
paper where your dot is...lift open if your dot is on one of the military units
its a hit! if not its a miss! then your opponent does the same thing to your
paper..whoever hits all 6 units first wins! SEE GRAPHIC BELOW

to add difficulty cover your eyes when you go to draw your circles
you can have 1 shot per turn but some may want to try 2 shots per turn max.

Line Version:
you'll need a ruler...
same rules as above but this time put your pencil on the middle of the
blankside edge SEE GRAPHIC BELOW with your finger on the eraser
tip flick your pencil backwards from the TOP of the eraser...the result
will be a small faint line pointing to the other side of the paper towards
the units...pick up the ruler and using the straighest part of the flicked
line line up the ruler....trace a line along the ruler accross the page
in a straight line if you touch a unit at all its a hit! if not its a miss!

on this one you can kind turn the paper while holding the pencil and aim
at units, or you turn your hand to get an aim going, which ever you want.
to add difficulty cover your eyes while aiming!
again 1 shot per turn, or if you agree 2 shots per turn max...

Tank Wars(very similar)

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