Sivil Online Server Game 2004

This game has many origins going back as far as maybe 1972
in the erly days of BIG mainframes. look up empire on the net
and you'll find it in at least 6 other version.

Hopefully this should run on any network or server that
MUST support DOS, QBASIC, and should support WIN 3.11 or WIN95
or WIN98. There is a server out there called Kahn server
that supports dos games...let me know how it goes...

this is how far i have gotten and i have decided to take
a break for awhile....

the game MUST be installed in c:\qb\siv for now it wont work otherwise...

genesis.exe takes all the execute files and makes the game world
mkdrop.exe the file this makes is to check to see if an island has
room for any more people the game supports 90 players
mkhist.exe this file makes a history report to show whats happening
in the game you could consider this a "Daily News" file.
mkisle.exe this file reads the world file and determines all islands
in the game and what part is land and what part is water
plus holds game data for playing.
mkmsg.exe this file makes the message center for the game where people
can send IN-game messages to each other.
mknext.exe this files records and modifies the nextuser ID# when they
enter the game your user ID# is use to show what you own in the game
mkscore.exe this file creates the score file for whos winning the game
i want to make this so it can score totals however you want
be it daily, weekly or monthly..
mkship.exe this file make the file that controls ships in the game and
where they are located on the world map
mkuser.exe this file makes the game users database and thier personal
game information
mkvote.exe this file makes a Voter database where the top 3-5 players in
the game get to vote on allowing other players in the game
to get in you have to come up with a neat name and they vote
yes or no..which can add your account to the game or delete you
the game owner can have VETO power and force users into the game
to prevent abuse by the top 3-5 players.
mkworld.exe this file makes the whole world on an 80 x 125 grid it determines
where the islands are located in the game and how big they are.
wview.exe this file right now is just a simple print the world to paper
viewer nothing fancy it makes about 7 sheets of paper joined
top to bottom of each 8-1/2 X 11 sheet. dots "." equal sea "i" = island
the left top corner is the SW corner of the world the bottom right corner
is the NE corner of the world so you need to lay it out left to right
on a table LANDSCAPE style NOT top to bottom PORTRAIT style.

where I am at so far: "completed" 2004
i have finished making the game menus, ships menu, submit a name/country for play
and small help menu

fix date thing...i truncated the DATE in the game needs to be XXXX for year not XX***
make following commands: attack, move-land or sea, load ships, dock, undock, view island
view world, radar, spy, designate, fire artillery, build -ship types, mail people
read news, vote, view votes, list islands your on, fire ship guns-torpedos, land
from ship onto occupied land, unload ships, update time left or right, mail bomb***

need to make command to generate new game scores/data/news for the game thats
customizable to daily,weekly or monthly***

need to make a command that reads when last a user/country was on so it can
give them more game time that they have earned.***

possible future addtions: nukes, plauge, planes, larger world, refine the code***

SAMPLE world grid                          SAMPLE island grid

....i.....  "i" = island                    ... ....... "." = land
..i......i  "." = sea                       ... ... ... " " blank = water
..........                                  .......
..........                                    .......
...i......                                  ...........
                                            ..... .....
this FORMAT 0.01b is partially copyrighted(c) 2004 to dtsdesign the game itself is NOT.

here are the qbasic files of code and the *.executes w/ installer


Questions? Comments? Confused? Mail me: Sid6.7