Very Tall Actors



Johan Aasen 8-9 "only 9 movies"
Lock Martin 7-7 "Klaatuu"
Gheorge Muresan 7-7 "My Giant" Romainian
Niel fingleton 7-7 "Game of thrones"died at age 36 in 2017
Matthew McGrory 7-6 "Bubble Boy""Big Fish""MIB II"Devils Rejects" Died at age 32 in 2005
John Bloom 7-4 "Bachelor Party""Harry and the Hendersons""Star Trek VI"Tallest Frankenstien Monster
Andre The Giant 7-4 "Wrestler" French
John Bloom 7-4 "Another Frankenstien"
Peter Mayhew 7-3 "Chewbacca in Star Wars" "Terror"
Richard Kiel 7-2 " -Jaws- in James Bond movie""Happy Gilmore""Pale Rider"
Kareem Abdul Jabar 7-2 "A Bruce Lee Movie"
Kevin Peter hall 7-2 "The Predator Monster"
Ian Whyte 7-1 "Prometheus"
Wilt Chamberlin 7-1 "Conan"
Tiny Ron 7-0 "Last Man Standing""Naked Gun"Ace Ventura""Rocketeer"
Carel Struycken 7-0 "The New Lurch- The Adams Family 90's" Dutch Caribbean Native
Tyler Mane 6-10 "X-men""Troy"
John DeSantis 6-9 "Little Man""The 13th Warrior"
Phil Gordon (III) 6-9 (Celebrity Poker) Also an Author"
Edward Lee Jones 6-9 "Necessary Roughness" NFL Dallas Cowboy "To Tall Jones"
Will Sampson 6-9 "Firewalker""Poltergiest II""Outlaw josey wales"American Indian
Ted Cassidy 6-9 "The Old Lurch- The Adams Family 60's"
Brad Garrett 6-8.5 "Everybody loves Raymond"
Glen Jacobs 6-8 "See no evil""WWF wrestler"born in spain
Daniel Cudmore 6-8 "The X-men 2 and 3" All his Brothers are over 6-5
Richard Moll 6-8 "Night Court"
Jamal Duff 6-7.5 "Dodgeball" Former NFL and XFL player
Jeff Chase 6-7 "The Punisher""The Marine""Mission Impossible 3"Former NFL player
Jess Rowland 6-7 "General Hospital series""Princess Diaries 2""Car pool guy"
Tony Robbins 6-7 "Shallow Hal""MIB""Writer and motivational speaker"Vegetarian
Brian Steele (I) 6-7 "Blade III""Lady in the Water""DOOM""Hellboy"
Jeffrey Evan Thomas 6-7 "Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre""NY Shakespearian Professional"
James Cromwell 6-7 "Star Trek: Generations""Sum of All Fears""I, Robot" Vegetarian, Former Black Panther ...LOL
Bruce Spence 6-7 "Mad Max 2""Mad Max 3""The Matrix 3""LOTR 3?"
David Prowse 6-7 "Star Wars" DARTH VADER!!!...his body
Bubba Smith 6-7 "Poilce Academy 1-6" Former NFL player and in Super Bowl III
Bernard Bresslaw 6-7 "Krull""Vampira"
Alex English 6-7 "Amazing Grace""The Premire"
James Arness 6-7 "The Thing""Gunsmoke"
Tommy Tune 6-6.5 "Hello Dolly""The Boy Friend"
Bo Svenson 6-6.5 "Heartbreak Ridge" " Walking Tall" Swedish
Buddy Baer 6-6.5 "alot of movies from the 40-50's" brother to Max Baer the famous boxer
Cliff Osmond 6-6 "many shows" Brian Frishman 6-6 "Starforce, Matlock, The Fall guy"
Mike Mazurki 6-6 "alot of movies from the 50-60-70's"
Rory McCann 6-6 "Hot Fuzz""Alexander" Scottish Pianist
Fred Dryer 6-6 "Hunter" Played NFL Football for the Giants and the Rams
John Dierkes 6-6 "The Thing""Shane""The Alamo"
Tony Longo 6-6 "Eraser""The last boy scout"
Tom Noonon 6-6 "Robo Cop 2""Manhunter"
Anthony Simcoe 6-6 "Farscape""Blackjack"
Ralf Moeller 6-6 "The Gladiator""The Scorpion King"
William Fagerbakke 6-6 "Coach, The Stand, Gargoyles, Spoogebob"
Ryan Lee Stiles 6-6 "The Drew Carey Show""Hot shots part duex"
Mark Curry 6-6 "Hanging with Mr. Cooper"
Clint Walker 6-6 "the Dirty Dozen"
Dolph Lundgren 6-6 "The Punisher"
Jared Tristan Padalecki 6-5-1/2 "gilmore girls, supernatural"
Joe Manganiello 6-5 "true blood""ER""how i met your mother"
Cowboy Troy 6-5 Country Singer
Ben Chapman 6-6 "Creature from the Black lagoon""ma and pa kettle"Tahitian
Ken Kirzinger 6-5 "Friday 13th: Part 8""X-Men 3"
Glennn Strange 6-5 "Frankenstien monster a number of times" "MANY westerns"related to Pocohontas
Philip Cary 6-5 "Scream of the Wolf""All my Children"has cancer 2006
Forrest Tucker 6-5 "most JOHN WAYNE MOVIES"helped JOHN WAYNE get started in movies and life long friend
Vladimir Kulich 6-5 "13th warrior""Seven Days"
Cress Williams 6-5 "Never been kissed"""G VS E""JAG"
John Bedford Lloyd 6-5 "The Abyss""The Bourne Supremacy"
Peter Hermann 6-5 "Swimfan" married to Jane Mansfields daughter
Victor Williams 6-5 "king of queens""bewitched"
Clive Russell 6-5 "13th warrior""King Arthur""coronation street"
Richard Kelton 6-5 "Ultimate Warrior""Quark""Dallas" Died at age 35 from CM posioning, suicide?
Jim Hutton 6-5 "The Green Beret""Ellery Queen" many many movies Timothy Huttons Father
Tony Todd I 6-5 "Candyman"
Mark McCracken 6-5 "DNA""We were soldiers""Pumpkinhead"
Sterling Hayden 6-5 "Blue and the Grey""many many 1950's westerns"WW II Commando and Hero
Ox Baker 6-5 "Escape From NY""The Big Brawl" Wrestler,Author and Chef
Ed Herrmann 6-5 "The Lost Boys""Overboard"
Michael Clarke Duncan 6-5 "DareDevil""Scorpion King""Spiderman"
Thomas Ian Griffith 6-5 "Vampires""The Sea Wolf""Karate Kid 3""Day time soap: Another World"
John Wayne 6-5 "The Duke" Most Movies Made(250)
Bruce Yarnell 6-5 "The Outlaws"
Vince Vaughn 6-5 "Redid Psycho"
Lou Ferrigno 6-5 'The Hulk"
Ed Gwynne 6-5 "Herman The Munster"
Chuck Connors 6-5 "The Rifleman"
Fess Parker 6-5 "Davy Crockett"
Christopher Lee 6-5 "Dracula" "2000-2003 Lord of the Rings""Star Wars 2002-2003"
James Avery 6-5 "The Prince of Belair"
Everett Mcgill 6-5 "Heartbreak Ridge" "Silver Bullet" "Under Seige 2"
Will Sampson 6-4.75 "one flew over the Cuckooos nest, out law josey wales"
Jared Padalecki 6-4.5 "supernatural, gilmore girls"
Dwayne Douglas Johnson 6-4.5 "WWF, The Mummy, The Scorpion King"
Masao Henry Kingi 6-4.5 "Vampires"So many movies its not funny!
Harve Presnell 6-4 "Saving Private Ryan" "Fargo""Annie Get Your Gun" "Face/off"
Christopher Reeve 6-4 "Superman" Need i say more?
Harry J. Lennix 6-4 "Matrix: Revelutions""Guarding Tess"Filipino
Joseph Jason Namakaeha Momoa 6-4 "Baywatch""Stargate: Atlantis"Hawaiian
Alex Skuby 6-4 "King of Queens"
Clancy Brown 6-4 "Highlander"
Harry Anderson 6-4 "Night Court" Magician
Micheal Richards 6-4 "Seinfeld""Problem Child" per Jerry Seinfeld show
Bill Duke 6-4 "Predator""Commando"
Tim Robbins 6-4.5 "Shawshank Redemption""Bull DUrham""Erik the Viking"
Daz Crawford 6-4.5 "Blade 2""Attila"""The World is not Enough-007"
Max Baer Jr. 6-4 "Beverly Hill billy's""A time for killing" son of famous boxer Max Baer
Jeff Goldblum 6-4 "Deathwish" "Jurassic Park" "Independence day"
Harold Sylvester 6-4 "Married with Children" "UCLA Bruin"
David Morse 6-4 "The Langoliers" "Hack -TV Series" "The Green Mile"
Liam Neeson 6-4 "Rob Roy""Darkman" Irish
Clint Eastwood 6-4 "Dirty Harry"
Tom Selleck 6-4 "Magnum PI"
Barry Bostwick 6-4 "Spin City"
John Laroquette 6-4 "Night Court"
Dan Blocker 6-4 "Hoss on Ponderosa"
Randolph Scott 6-4 "Many Many Westerns"

Steve Segal 6-4 "Hard to Kill" CIA, Aikido Master, Vegetarian
Donald Sutherland 6-4 "Too many Movies to count" Kiefer Sutherlands Dad
Vincent Price 6-4 "Many Many Movies" The Master of Horror
Richard Harris 6-4 "The Unforgiven""A Man called horse""A Man Alone"
John Philip Law 6-4 "Barbarella""Attack Force Z"
Matthew Modine 6-4 "Vision Quest""Cutthroat Island""Full Metal Jacket"
Frank Langella 6-4 "Cutthroat Island""Doomsday gun""1492""Dracula"
Jimmy Stewart 6-3 "Its a Wonderful life""Winchester 73" & too many to COUNT!, Held the highest active military rank of any actor in history
Joe Lara 6-3 "Tarzan""Starfire Mutiny""Delta Force""Steel Frontier " Now a Country Singer
William Landham 6-3 "Predator""Firewalker""48 hours"
Jeff Daniels 6-3 "Terms of Endearment""Dumb and Dumber""Gettysburg"Gods and Generals"
Miles O'Keeffe 6-3 "Silent Hunter, Tarzan remake" Has a B.A in Psychology
Randall "Tex" Cobb 6-3 "Boxer""Raising Arizona""The Golden Child"
Keenan Wayans 6-3 "In Living Color"
Gary Cooper 6-3 "Sargent York" Rememebered as A True Westerner
Stewart Granger I 6-3 "King Solomons Mines"
Chuck Heston 6-3 "NRA President""Too many Movies to count" My Hero
Gregory Peck 6-3 "The Omen"
Danny Glover 6-3 "Lethal Weapon""Predator 2"
Keenen Wayans Damon Wayans 6-3 "In Living Color"
Jim Carrey 6-2 "The Mask""Ace Ventura""In Living Color"
Pierce Brosnan 6-2 "James Bond Series"
Alan Hale Jr. 6-2 "Gilligans Island"
John Goodman 6-2 "Roseanne""Rasing Arizona""King Ralph"
Dennis Weaver 6-2 "Mcloud" Vegetarian
Marlon Wayans 6-2 "In Living Color"
Shawn Wayans 6-2 "In Living Color"
Ron Perlman 6-2 "Blade 2""Quest for Fire""Aliens 4"
Will Smith 6-2 "Prince of Belair"
Dennis O'Leary 6-2 "True Crime" Was a Ice Hockey Player
Arnold Schwartzneagger 6-2 "Conan""The Terminator"
Peter Boyle 6-2 "Everbody Loves Raymond" Was a monk
Robert Mitchum 6-1 "Cape Fear"
Cary Grant 6-1 too many movies to count All American Guy
Duane Jones (I) 6-1 "Night of the living dead" First AA to have the Star Role in a Horror film.
Laurence Fishburne 6-1 "The Matrix"
Keanu Reeves 6-1 "The Matrix"
Bill Cosby 6-1 "The Cosby Show""Fat Albert"



OF NOTE: TALL actors
Richard Brooks IV 6-? "Firefly""Law and Order""Good VS Evil"
Eddie Bo Smith Jr. 6-? "Chain reaction""Under Siege""The Package"
Julius Carry 6-? "The Last Dragon""Brisco Co. Jr."
Brian Posehn 6-? "Just Shoot me""Everyone Loves Raymond""Dumb and Dumber
Brian Libby 6-? "Silent Rage""Eraser""Airforce One""Shawshank Redemption""ALOT of Movies"
Chris Angel 6-? "The 13th Warrior"
Ray Young 6-?
William Engesser 7-?
Eddie Parker 6-?
Bill Brandon 6-?


I wasn't going to do females but i seen Uma Thurmon the other day so i started a list on women.

Gwendoline Christie 6-3 "Game of Thrones"
Mariel Hemingway 6-1 "Americka""Star 80""Creator"
Claire Stansfield 6-1 "Sweepers""Darkdrive"
Brooke Shields 6-0 "Suddenly Susan"Super Model
Tracy Tweed 6-0 "Johnny Mnemonic"
Marjean Holden 6-0 "Vampires""Code Red""Ghost of Mars""Hostage"
Brigitte Nielsen 6-0 "Cobra""Beverly Hills Cop"
Geena Davis 6-0 "The Fly""Cutthroat Island""Earth Girls are Easy"
Margaux Hemingway 6-0 "Lipstick""Killer Fish""They Call Me Bruce?"
Uma Thurmon 6-0 "Batman 3""Kill Bill"
Kim Wayans 6-0 "In Living Color"
Brenda Strong 5-11.5 "Starship troopers""Starship troopers: 2""7th Heaven"
Taylor Swift 5-11 "singer"
Julie Newmar 5-11 "Catwoman in old batman series"
Sunny Mabrey 5-11 "Species 3""Snakes on a Plane"
Kristanna Loken 5-11 "Blood Rayne""Terminator 3""sliders"
Virgina hey 5-11 "Farscape""Mad Max II"
Sigourney Weaver 5-11 "Alien""Aliens""Aliens 3""Aliens 4""Ghost Buster""Copycat"
Famke Janssen 5-11 "James Bond Movie""The X-men""Deep Rising"
Lucy Lawless 5-10.5 "Xena"Battle Star Galactica"
Gal Gadot 5-10 "Wonder woman"
  Mira Sorvino 5-10 "Angel of Death""Mimic""Mighty Aphrodite"
Melissa Peterman 5-10 "Reba""Fargo"
Tricia Helfer 5-10 "Battle Star Galactica"
Leelee Sobieski 5-10 "Wicker Man""Joan of Arc" clone to Helen Hunt, also has royal blood
Natasha Henstridge 5-10 "Species""Species 2""Ghost of Mars" Super Model
Darryl Hannah 5-10 " "Mermaid""The Last Don""Kill Bill""Legal Eagles"
Kelly Lynch 5-10 "Virtuosity""Curly Sue"
Daniela Amavia 5-10 "Children of dune"
Gwyneth Kate Paltrow 5-9.5 "Shallow Hal""Se7en""Duets""Perfect Murder""Austin Powers 3"
Charlize Theron 5-9.5 "Devils Advocate"The Italian Job""North Country"
Amanda tapping 5-9 "Stargate SG-1"
Joan Cusack 5-9 "Toy Story""Raising Helen"
Grace Park 5-9 "Battle Star Galactica"

OF NOTE: TALL actresses
Amelia Cooke 5-? "Species 3"


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