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My Galaxy/Universe consists of 4 Quadrants 48+ Sectors 1700 systems 16 Races/Empires using the GDW Clsc Trvlr

Quadrant 1 in my galaxy
Quadrant 2 in my galaxy
Quadrant 3 in my galaxy
Quadrant 4 in my galaxy
Our Traveller ship from 1986
5 other ships from 1985 the only kind allowed in my Universe

My overview map of the Galaxy: not great but you get the idea.

NOTE: You will need to download the FREE printer-viewer from Profantasy to use For these maps...its FREE

A fellow traveller: Tbolts place
A fellow traveller: Zho Berka
A fellow traveller: Downport

Mercenary Company I am making - Sid's Slammers


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